Parkway Wrecker Service Inc. Provides the Towing and Recovery Tallahassee FL Vehicle Owners Rely On!

A broken-down car, truck, or van... whatever your vehicle, needing a tow can quickly ruin your day. Well, now it doesn't have to!

Parkway Wrecker Service Inc. works to make your breakdown experience brief and easy by providing fast and competitively priced heavy-duty towing in Tallahassee, FL for all vehicles—no matter how big or small. With our help, you can go back to normal life as quickly as possible!

Call us today for 24/7 emergency service and large vehicle towing in Tallahassee, FL! We are open every day of the year, so keep our number handy for emergencies. You'll never again be stuck without help! We come to the rescue in all sorts of weather and circumstances, and we'll always have the equipment you need for your tow. In fact, we have over 24 pieces of towing equipment for your convenience.

Why Choose Parkway Wrecker Service Inc.?

Besides our fast service, affordable prices, friendly staff, and convenient location, Parkway Wrecker Service Inc. is a drug-free company with over 30 years of towing experience! That makes us the oldest and most experienced towing company in Tallahassee. Our history proves that we are a towing company that you can trust for quality care of your vehicle and fair customer policies. Call us today for more information about our towing in Tallahassee FL,
and look below to see for yourself what our professionals can do:






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